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Richard Piotrowski, CFA is a market analyst and operations magician for startups, and provides innovative and thoughtful views about the Stock Market and the Technology Sector.  This blog is focused on private companies and the VC investing process.  Viewpoints on public companies can be found at

The cumulative years of experience gained working in the investment community on both sides of “Wall Street”, on “Bay Street” (Canada), as well as on “Main St.” as a CFO, salesperson, utility guy, and marketing person focusing on tactical financial messaging, has been an invaluable education process.

In the early 1980s, stagflation (high unemployment and high inflation) was pervasive in the US and Canada.  Richard worked on the large econometric model of the Canadian economy and was a junior member of the team that was tracking and defining monetary policy to crush inflation and set in motion the enormous economic expansion of that period.

Following the Savings and Loan failures in the late 1980s, and the creation of the Resolution Trust Corp., Richard was a key member of the team commissioned to develop an innovative econometric investment model of the Canadian and US commercial real estate sectors.  The task was to define an investment methodology to systematically identify markets allowing our real estate and mortgage teams to purchase and sell commercial real estate, and invest in various mortgage products.  This model and methodology was fundamental to winning commitments from University endowments and pension funds to allocate several billion dollars for commercial real estate investments.

Richard has been ranked “First” for Quality of Research (in the Technology Sector) in the survey of institutional investors conducted by Brendan Woods (an independent research firm).

Finally, Richard’s extensive start-up company and finance experience, provides him with a unique viewpoint that allows him to completely understand every facet of the “Sturm and Drang” involved in building a business.

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