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RIM…The Heavyweight Champion of The World….Formerly.

August 3, 2010

It’s hard to watch a once dominant tech giant get TKOed into irrelevancy.  Blackberry OS6 and the new Torch smartphone were introduced today, and they hit the canvas hard.

We’ve known Research In Motion for over 10 years, and have followed its market dominance for as many years.  The company was an innovative powerhouse – until Apple’s Iphone changed the game.  Not only did the Iphone boast a touch screen, it was a keyboardless beauty that offered WiFi.  Moreover, the browser…..was actually an HTML browser.  What a concept!  However, it was it was the Itunes store that skyrocketed the Iphone into market dominance, and facilitated the creation of over 200,000 applications.  A phenomenon was born.  Google introduced its own AndroidOS, licensed it freely, and over 90,000 applications currently exit.  RIM entered the application game in ….2002, and…… 6,000 applications exist.

What makes this story even worse is that RIM announced a strategy to license its OS to other hardware developers in ………2001/02.  Do you know of any other Smartphones that use the BlackberryOS…..other than RIM’s Blackberry?  I don’t either.

In other words, RIM was formerly the heavy champion of the world in innovation.  It tried a comeback today by announcing a new device, the Torch, running on a new OS (version 6).  However, the comeback was very unlike a comeback by a great fighter like Muhammad Ali.  RIM has been knocked down again.

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